Koh I Noor Palettes

Did you know that there is a really exciting new Koh-i-noor Intense Dye/Ink palette?  We have new stocks, and I’ve been playing around with them a little.  Not much time, so they are only simple samples at the moment.  Take a look, the colours are GORGEOUS!  Start here, and then follow the links.

They can be used for so many textile and mixed media techniques.  I know you will love them.

2 thoughts on “Koh I Noor Palettes

  1. Really interested to read about Koh I Noor dyes and have tried using them. I love them. Are they safe to touch when dry or do they need to be washed? I do not need the fabric to be wash proof as I am using it for mixed media? Can you help me?

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