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We are now only stocking the Intense Palette of Koh I Noor Watercolours. You can buy them from us via this link

Firstly, it is important to note that all colours are different.  None of the palettes contain a repeat colour, they are all intermixable, and all could be used in any of the following ways, but the samples I’m showing were all produced with the new palette.

I have to admit that they don’t look very interesting – until you add water, that is.  Here are some samples I’ve produced with the colour taken straight from the palette

White through a variety of yellows to a lovely burnt orange

The left hand one is pearlised!  Browns, black, grey and a lovely teal are the other colours

Reds through to purple.  Lovely colours

Beautiful greens and blues.

Here are some quick experiments, just to see how they would mix.

This page will show you the difference between the Intense and Watercolour Palettes

Please be aware that computer monitors vary so colours may appear different to the above.

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