Some days are better than others, I’m sure you will agree. Today was one that was filled with a number of agendas…… and not all of them were mine. It was a day when nothing was completed – but moves were made in many directions. It had been intended to be full of creativity, at least I made a start.

Two mini-tutorials are in the pipeline. I’ll try and finish one before tomorrow evening. Watch this space – in the sense that I’ll publish a link here as soon as they (or ‘it’) are done.


Author: nuvofelt

Colour is my business and I using a variety of materials. I enjoy enabling other creatives to enjoy their art. Crochet is one of my current means of expression. Some of my blogs are kept as daily records. Take a look and you will see.

4 thoughts on “Create”

  1. Mine too was a day filled with agendas that weren’t my own (and by midday it felt like the tiredness of a Friday rather than a Monday)

      1. I have meetings back to back until 3pm. I shall be armed with my citrine and day dreams of colour and stitching 🙂

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