Do you keep a journal?

I’m not sure if I’ve told you this before, but I sometimes post on this little blog.

There’s a new post today, and it may be of interest to one of you – so here’s the link.

I don’t journal every day, but I do keep a book with ideas and scribbles.  It’s a good idea, let me know if you do the same.

Dyeing Tonight?

The next round of online courses begin on Monday.  Registration is now open, and will remain so for the month of June.  Payment can be made by PayPal, or send me an email if you would prefer to pay by Visa or MasterCard. These workshops are open to those who have had experience with dyeing, and also to those with none.  They will clear up any confusion that you may have, and are easy to understand.  I will be available for questions throughout.

The colours you dye may not be the same as these, because I allow you to create your own recipes.

Dyeing is such fun, why not give it a go?  It won’t be long before you are ‘hooked’!

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