I can still remember remember the first moment I saw a demonstration of dyeing.  I was fascinated and amazed at the way in which the colours mingled and created effects I had previously never imagined.  It was a quick demonstration and included a small piece of my own fabric – a piece of well washed sheeting.  The colours were not ones I would have chosen, but the demonstration was enough to make me dream of possibilities and think about colour combinations.

That was a good number of years ago now.  Since that time I have  dyed many thousands of pieces of fabric and millions of metres of thread and yarn.  Each time I embark upon another batch of dye mixing I learn something new.  I have learnt so much about colour, which I know would have been impossible to learn in any other way.

If you want just chittle chattle, then this is the place to find it, however, if you want to know where I am teaching and what’s going on with Winifred Cottage and Sassa Lynne you will find it here.

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