Not just for knitting

You may have all forgotten that we also sell a few Colinette Yarns. There are a few listed here, and I would remind you that they aren’t just for knitting!

These, Giotto and Tagliatelle, are just a couple of the colourways listed – and you may remember that they were well favoured by the late and very lamented Val Campbell Harding.

Yes, they do knit into beautiful scarves or garments, but they can also be added to stitched work or used on the embellisher. They are available in varying quantities, so first come, first served. Postage and packing is included on each, but if you buy more than one there will be a refund winging your way.

Don’t miss out – you’ll find them here. Each is 100g and costs Β£11.75 including post and packing to the UK. Drop me a note if they are to be sent to anywhere else in the world.

Watch out for a few changes over the next little while – and a few more listings if I can find the time and energy. I’m so grateful for a friendly post boy πŸ˜‰

Silk fibres

I have found a few packs of undyed silk fibres. They are currently available in limited quantities. More details here.


If you are returned to the main page sadly all items are sold. More items will appear over the next few days – so please keep watching!


Mixing colours

The summer sun brings the ideal weather for dyeing outside… Dyes always work better in heat.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this morning – standing with my back to the sun mixing colours for some Vegetarian Silk. However, the breeze was also rather strong – so I’ve been chasing dye containers too – as can be seen in the picture at the top. Yes, I did wear gloves – but the red one blew into the rose bush and I didn’t want to puncture them…..

Now it’s just a question of waiting for a few more hours and then the rinsing will begin. Vegetarian silk is very delicate in its wet state. It is easy to destroy it completely. However, slowly and gently is the key, and the results are always worth waiting for.

If you need some for your workshops with Isobel Hall I suggest you get in touch as soon as possible. There may not be much choice of colour – this will be my last dyeing session until late September at least. If you are going to the Festival of Quilts you won’t find it there as we are the only people to dye it and we aren’t visiting this year.

They should be ready for despatch at the beginning of next week – possibly sooner if the good weather continues. The contact form below will make it easier for you to contact us.


A few hand dyed Etsy listings

Several new listings today. Click the picture and pop over to Etsy to find the ones you like. As always they are in short supply. Each one has been chosen with thought and consideration – especially for you.

Drop into and join the I Love Sassa Lynne Threads group on Facebook.

More hand dyed collections – all sold

Introducing new collections! Mixed threads – all hand dyed by me for Sassa Lynne.

Each collection is 20 individual threads, our popular cut lengths. As previously the quantities are limited and unrepeatable once sold out. Click the picture to buy via PayPal

More collections, both large and small will be added from time to time over the weekend and details will be posted on Facebook in the new I LOVE SASSA LYNNE THREADS group. Pop over now to join so that you are among the first to see the new arrivals. Don’t forget to pass the word too!





All prices include UK postage – I will gladly send abroad, but please remember that you will receive a further invoice for postage if you are buying from outside the UK. If not sold by the end of the month the will be added to Etsy where, of course, the price will be higher to cover Etsy fees etc.