15 minutes?

How are you getting on with your 15 minutes? A success? Have you managed the first week? Well, life does get in the way – we have to make it a habit.

Today I’ve posted about a recent book purchase. I thought you might like the link. It’s a silly book – but it might help to boost your creativity. Follow this link to read more.

Author: nuvofelt

Colour has been business for a number of years. Crochet is one of my current means of expression and I enjoy enabling other creatives. Some of my blogs are kept as daily records. Take a look and you will see.

8 thoughts on “15 minutes?”

  1. I’m really pleased with my progress – at least 15 mins every day so far, on a range of tasks. As you say, it’s got to become a habit. Looking forward to the point when it’s part of my routine, like the diary writing is.

  2. I believe I would almost feel cheated of something very precious if I couldn’t have at least 15 minutes each day. I’m really enjoying discovering new things to do 🙂

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