Student Comments

Comments following ‘Let’s Investigate Dyeing’ Residential Course

‘Thank you very much Myfanwy.  I really enjoyed the few days, and as I said at the end, it was perfect for me because it took out the mystery and made logical sense.  I like logic!’  SS

Comments following ‘Let’s Investigate Dyeing’ Online Course

‘This was such an interesting exercise Myfanwy.  Feels like I’m just beginning to get to grips with the potential of these dyes.  Can  hardly believe how beautiful some of the colours are’  SB

‘I still can’t believe we have so many colours!  It was so easy and such fun.  Thanks so much’ LR

Comments on DVD’s

‘Thank you very much for your excellent videos – Embellishing Level 1 & 2.  I have been felting for a while but still found the videos helpful and  inspiring.’  HR

‘I’ve enjoyed your DVDs so much.  I watch them time and time again.  I used to break needles, now I haven’t broken one.  Excellent tips and hints as well as more techniques than I’ve got time to try.  Thankyou.’  JD

‘I’ve had my embellisher for 2 years and was frightened to take it out of the box.  I watched the first part of DVD1 and felt confident to give it a go.  I followed the course all the way through and now can’t wait to get DVD2.  Thanks so much.  It really is a wonderful machine and I’m so excited to try new things.  Thanks so much’  MLJ

‘Your DVDs have opened up a whole new world on the Embellisher. I was just about to sell it. Thank you so much.’   PQ


Comment following Embellisher Course

‘As a teacher I know how hard it is to offer students information in an easy and understandable way. Your course went far beyond my wildest dreams. I learnt so much and had a really fun time in the process. Thank you so much. I hope to do another course with you soon.’  CEL

Comment following a Group Journal Course

I didn’t understand about journal’s until I did your course last month. I thought it was just a diary, and I didn’t want that. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put in with the organisation for our group, I always come away feeling happier and more artistically stimulated when I do a course with you. Looking forward to the next one in the new year.



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