…. And breathe … blanket.

I’m overwhelmed by all your comments and messages. It’s lovely to hear from you all and please continue to keep in touch. I’ll be answering everything. I’ve missed you all – customers, students, all of you friends.

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns. We’ve had a few over the last few years. Jock’s health was the initial reason for our sudden disappearance, and we’ve had a few more scares since then. The last scare was the day before Christmas Eve last year when he was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully he was operated on in February and has recovered well.

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Not quite all pink blanket!

This lap blanket is made in soft shades of pink and peach.

Dimensions: approximately 35×41 inches, 90x104cms

All blankets are washable up to 30 deg C and can be cool tumble dried.

£42.50 plus postage.

All profits to the charity of your choice from those listed IN THE ABOVE POST

Please comment below if you would like to purchase. Your email address will not be displayed

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