A few insights

Welcome to my mixed media site.

I love working with a mix of fabrics, papers, threads and more using my embellisher and sewing machine. This year I’m working on some exciting projects, some of which have to stay under ‘wraps’ for the time being. I’m sharing a few investigations into areas of that work in my Creative Diary, but also plan to change the focus of this blog .

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Join us too in Be Creative.  All forms of creativity are encouraged.

Winifred Cottage and Sassa Lynne are both slowly being incorporated into this site and a few links to various pages are below, including to the blog.


2 thoughts on “A few insights”

  1. Thank you for visiting and liking my blog post. I used to love doing all sorts of craftwork – you name it -I did it! Age and an arthritic neck have sadly put a stop to all that, but one thing I can do is my photography and blogging! I wish you well with all you do here, Eileen

    1. Thank you, Eileen. It’s hard when health hinders hobbies. We have a journaling Facebook group too – and some members use it as an occasional source of prompts for blogging. Let me know if that might interest you.

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