Hand-dyed felt

Particularly soft and sumptuous it has been hand dyed by me. This is VISCOSE felt, and as such should not be confused with the heavy and less fluid wool viscose felt. Very easy to manipulate it is the ideal surface for further embellishment, either using hand or machine stitching or by using the Embellisher or needle-felting machine. The photograph gives a good idea of the whole piece, to give you an idea of how many colours are there. Dyed using one of our Serendipity techniques each piece of felt is unique and one of a kind, therefore unrepeatable. It can be used for textile art etc of most kinds. It is a very fine felt, and extremely popular with our personal customers.

This page will be updated regularly, but if you are returned here whilst trying to purchase sadly the item has been sold. Click the picture buy. Each piece is approx 33 x 33 cm. This is the only size available.

felt 001

felt 002

felt 004

felt 005

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