Paper Fun

Paper Fun Workshop

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Enjoy the delights of working with paper.Whether you want to move on in your stitching life or  develop your journaling skills in new ways this is the course for you.

Explore the temporary and permanent benefits of using a product that we encouter every day in some form or another. Begin by adding colour, move on to change the surface and finally, after various steps between, add some stitch – by hand and machine.


Some of the things we will consider during the course are:

1 Types of paper – from bought papers right through the gammut of recycling.

2 Colouring paper – using the obvious and maybe the not so obvious.

3 Changing the surface – what if……?

4 We will look at Collage and consider points of design which will later be further explored

5 Let’s add some stitch – by hand and machine! Is it that easy? What are the pitfalls?

6 Finally, for some fun I’ll let you in on a couple of great techniques for using scraps! You know – the tiny ones that you really don’t want to throw away but logic says are too small to use!


Teaching will be via a combination of a Facebook group, video and a private blog. Information released over 6 weeks starting on 1st April 2014 but work at your own pace and sign up at any time.




Interested? Sign up here via PayPal, or telephone to pay by Visa or MasterCard

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