Which Embellisher?

Wales 2014 137Since writing my book in 2006 (the very first book about the Embellisher) a number of new Embellisher models have been introduced to the market. Some, as far as I know, are no longer made.

The machine that is featured in the book is the Babylock 7 needle. At the time of writing it was the only one available. It was a good machine, and I am sad that it has been discontinued. It has been replaced by one with 12 needles (*see below). Fortunately, shortly after publication Janome introduced their model, which has 5 needles, relatively closely followed by the Creative, Pfaff and Husqvarna 5 needle models, all of which are advertised as finishing with ‘needle up’. (The latter two have also been discontinued to the best of my knowledge. Since that time other models have appeared with 8 or 12 needles.

So, which Embellishers do I actually own?

Babylock 7 needle
Janome FM725
Babylock 12 needle*

Is that greedy? Which machine do I prefer? Well, having the choice of so many I can obviously pick and choose – so I do that according to the technique that I am using. If I want a very quick background I will choose the 12 needle, but for almost all my work I choose the Janome 5 needle. If I need a loan machine for a workshop it’s the Janome 725s that always accompany me as they are proven workhorses. I have 7 of these machines…..

All machines often travel with me to talks, but for workshops my machine of choice is the Janome FM725 and I would recommend it to anyone. This machine will suit all techniques that I teach – and many more. Ensure that you purchase includes the needle-head with REPLACEABLE needles. (The Janome comes with a fixed needle head but is easily converted by purchasing their accessory. This allows individual needles to be replaced. I can’t recommend this highly enough).

Do needles break? Yes! However, with a few exceptions, this is rarely the fault of the machine but in the usage. THESE ARE NOT SEWING MACHINES! The biggest mistake is to use one in the same manner. This WILL result in broken needles. The first DVD addresses this problem and illustrates a very simple remedy.

We also sell generic replacement needles which will fit all machines.

This is just a quick resume. By all means complete the form below for more information, but I am not able to supply prices etc as we don’t sell the machines, only the needles mentioned above. Please be aware that I don’t have time to become involved in a long and deep discussion. You are welcome to try any of the machines if you are attending one of my talks which are given around the country from time to time.

More details here.


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