Postage charges

Postage rates have increased. Packages, even small ones, are no longer judged by weight but by volume. It is impossible to send anything for a first class stamp – unless it is just a letter…. Envelopes are more expensive too – and we want your package to be safe in the post. The smaller ones that we use are now £1.75 each – even though we purchase them in bulk.

Once upon a time we could walk to our local post office. That was closed a few years ago so now we have to drive several miles for the round trip. It’s our petrol – saving yours. We try to post the day the order arrives, but if we are away or if the post has already gone it will be asap.

Please remember to add postage when you place your order. This is explained on the various pages. If you have paid in excess of the amount it costs us we will refund the overpayment via PayPal. If you want a more definite quotation of costs send us an email and we will forward a PayPal invoice with details of how to pay – even if you don’t have a PayPal account.


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