Preparation, preparation, preparation!

If you follow my other blog you will have read that I didn’t get much sleep last night.  I’ve had a busy day today, carrying on with my night time activities!  It’s all in preparation for the course I’ll be teaching at Urchfont Manor.  The requirements list has gone out, and I’m pretty certain they are all wondering what on earth they have let themselves in for!  Well it will be fun, and one of the things I will be emphasising is how much better dyed fabrics are if colour is applied in layers.  Here’s one I prepared earlier

A few more layers will be added over the next while and the surface will become more and more complicated.

The course, which is full by the way, is set to run over a few days, but parts can be completed in a single day, so I will also be offering it to Guilds and Groups if anyone is interested.  The demise of Urchfont is very sad.  We still live in hope, however, in spite of many rumours.  The Graduation of the final students was celebrated last weekend, it was a lovely, but sad occasion.  There are many photographs, and those, and others, will eventually be added to a tribute site.  If you have any memories or pictures that you would like to add please see the details here.

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