More Fun on the Embellisher

The previous post mentioned the new day-school. Further details are here.

Author: nuvofelt

Colour has been business for a number of years. Crochet is one of my current means of expression and I enjoy enabling other creatives. Some of my blogs are kept as daily records. Take a look and you will see.

5 thoughts on “More Fun on the Embellisher”

  1. I was eager to view the dates and details of your workshops and tried to open the details Myfanwy, but unfortunately I was unable to view after I clicked on the page – edxcept to add my comments of what I had seen? Best wishes – keep warm, Sue itter from Southampton


  2. Fingers crossed there will be a space for me when i can book!
    REALLY enjoyed myself last year & am looking forward to another wonderful class with you Myfanwy 🙂

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