We all draw inspiration from different sources.  How about from a view like this?

This is the view from the classroom windows of Ysgol Llanelltyd (Llanelltyd School) just outside Dollgellau.  It is stunning, and that was what greeted us when I recently took a workshop for the children.  What a delightful bunch!  It was hastily arranged as it was an afterthought by the headmistress.  We were visiting the area for another (adult) teaching session, and couldn’t fail to be inspired by the area.  However, the children went for something more colourful.  Each had half an hour on the embellisher, and here are some of the results.


By the time the session was finished they all either had a pocket for their mobile phone or a little purse for pencils or precious things.  They had fun – but frankly, so did I!  Didn’t they do well.

If you would like to see what else we got up to while we were away the saga continues here.

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