A bit of this…. and a bit of that.

The offers mentioned in the following post are no longer available.


So, are you coming to Canford? Do you know about Canford? If you are in the south of England it’s a show that’s worth visiting for supplies and more.  Details are in the Flyer below. If you can’t get there, though, don’t go away. Read on – it will be worth your while.

Canford Needlework Festival Flyer

I’ve spent the last few days packaging bits of this and that for the show – and for the Maltings show which is the following weekend. We will have a few special reduced prices etc on the stand at Canford, but I suddenly thought of all those that are too far to come along! I thought it was about time I did a special offer for you too, so here are a few things to chew over.

Firstly, our hand dyed viscose. You hardly need any to create a lovely effect. Sandwich it between two chiffon scarves as a surface for hand or machine stitching – add delicate slithers into embellished surfaces, use it for Nuvo Felt (my favourite use, but not the only way I use it by any means). You can also use it with a matte or other medium to make a ‘paper’ similar to silk paper – and that makes a really sumptuous surface for stitching. Why not incorporate some threads or clippings of fabric at the same time – sheer luxury. You will find the offer here.

Secondly I have put together a bundle of our hand dyed Silk Carrier Rods. Of course you could use them with the viscose – or dampen them to make a silky paper, make beads, 3d surfaces, etc. Break them down into finer layers or use them as the are….. the choice is yours. The offer is in the same place.

Silk Carrier Rods
Silk Carrier Rods

Thirdly, our very popular fine scrim is packaged in two ways.Five pieces of co-ordinating colours are included in each pack. It is really fine – and ideal for layering, or adding texture to surfaces. I love to use it on the embellisher – it makes a very interesting fabric when embellished with the viscose – the matte and shiny finishes contrast well, and stitching with appropriate threads just makes the surface even better. Take a look here for more information. The following picture was taken before packaging – it looks even better when that is done

Fine Scrim
Fine Scrim

(We also sell it in larger pieces – but this isn’t on offer today. If you are interested either comment below or send me a message)

Lastly, I thought that maybe you would prefer a mixed pack, so there is also a Value Bundle! A little bit of this…… and a little bit of that! Something of all of the above – and a little extra surprise, too. No photograph, though, because that would spoil the surprise…. Take a look here for more details.

There is also a comment about postage on the linked page. You will only pay one lot of postage if you buy more than one pack – I can easily arrange that via an invoice.

REMEMBER – these offers WON’T be at Canford – and they are only available here until tomorrow (Thursday) evening. That will give us time to take them out of stock before I go for the day.

I’ll be demonstrating at some point – and may have some other information for you too, so do come and see us on the Winifred Cottage Stand. It will be worth the visit. And who knows what we might be offering on Sunday……..?

A late invitation

This evening I am speaking to the relatively newly formed Farnborough Brance of the Embroiderers’ Guild. The subject will be the Embellisher, and there will be a chance for a short ‘tryout’ too. Details of times and venue can be found on their website. The information is a little late in coming, but if you are in the area you might like to attend.


We will also have a few items for sale with us. Hope to see you there.

A good start to the New Year.

I don’t know what the weather is like with you – here it is currently extremely dark and dingy. More like a late November day than the beginning of January. The rain has just started pouring – heavily and insistently. The forecast isn’t too bad here, and hopefully you will all escape the worst of it. Stay safe, wherever you are.

It isn’t too late to sign up to follow me through the year. I wrote a little about it here, but you can sign up at any point during the year. I know we are only a couple of days into the New Year, but so far I have been able to keep my schedule going. I’m starting the day with a rapid ‘design’ exercise and then later adding some drawing and stitching into the mix. I’ve had to start slowly, but as the year progresses and things get back to normal there will be more intensity. If you would like to follow the full story you can do so via this link. There will be details of my creative enterprises and also the occasional tutorial etc. The intention is to inspire you throughout the year, and I have already heard from one person that something has inspired a quick card. I hope you will decide to join me,  the more of you there are the more accountable I will be – and hopefully I will meet all my deadlines. As I also mentioned, the odd photograph will appear here, but there will be no details of what it is all about – just a picture.

As I briefly mentioned, I’m looking forward to 2014. We have new plans for the ‘shop’ which will unfold during the coming year, but now I need to make way for new stock, so here is the start of some very special offers. These are not ‘clearance’ or ‘special purchase’ offerings – but items that I currently don’t have time to package. They are also items that will continue in our range unless I otherwise comment.

Fabric/Thread Bonus Pack

Although they are all Sassa Lynne hand-dyed items I really don’t have time to package them at the moment – so this first collection will include:

2 pieces of vegetarian silk – normally £5.00 each = £10.00

1 piece of very fine scrim – normally £2.50

1 miscellaneous hand-dyed Sassa Lynne thread – normally £2.50

The value is therefore £15.00 but a limited quantity is available for just £5.95 plus £4.95 postage. If you also join the creative diary your postage for one package will be refunded in full making it an even better bargain.



The picture just shows some of the colours available. We will send our choice of colour combination and the quantity is limited although there is more than shown in the photograph. Once they have gone – that’s it, new stock will be dyed – but sold packaged and at full price! You can have more than one if you want, but you will be charged for postage with each paypal payment. Part of the multiple postage charges will be refunded depending on how many you buy. Click the picture or this link to buy.

Vegetarian silk is a very popular fabric. It is very soft and wonderful either as an upper stitching surface or for the embellisher. Isobel Hall uses it for vessels too. I will definitely be using it during the year – and more ideas for its use will appear then for subscribers to the Creative Diary.

There will be more offers over the next while. Watch this space.

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