Stitchfest update

Goodness me!  It certainly rained yesterday, so if you decided to stay away from Stitchfest I really don’t blame you.  Our journey to Ardingly took us along the M25, and to say that it was difficult to see the car in front is putting it mildly.  So many cars, though, still driving on side lights – or no lights at all.  We saw a couple of near misses on the way there, and the result of a ‘touch’ on the way back.  Such a shame.

Anyway, if you didn’t make it you missed a really good show.  The exhibitions were excellent, and congratulations to Chichester branch for their winning entry.  Well-deserved, I have to say.  The theme was ‘Flight’ – and it was well interpreted by everyone.  I think that if I had entered I would have made a reference to Concorde – a recent post on my chatty blog will explain why.

What I really enjoy about these shows, however, is meeting all the people.  It was lovely to see so many students, so many of whom asked when the next workshop will be.  It was also good to meet a couple of online students face to face.  I’ll be posting the next round of workshops soon, in readiness for the autumn.  I’ve also had a few invitations to teach in other parts of the country too, so watch out for details of those too.

As for the camera – well we found it patiently waiting to be picked up!  It was still on the chair – so I’m sorry to say that there are no photographs of the stand, competition entries, or the horizontal rain!


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