Ouch and carry on!

The New Year has started with a few leaps and ‘bumps’, but the main thing is to carry on regardless!

While not feeling 100% I have been able to crochet an odd line or two for a throw which was intended to be for my own use. However, a certain little grandson has fallen in love with the colours – so guess where it will be going…….?


I followed a pattern, but have had fun extending the colours and moving them around to suit my own satisfaction. The weaving in of the ends will be fun! That’s my next task – and then on to the border.

Did you know that just 15 minutes of creativity a day can do a lot to spark your enthusiasm and inspiration. The important thing is to DO something. It doesn’t have to be part of your intended life’s work – just something that stimulates those creative juices in some way. Several of us have committed to this in 2015 and it isn’t too late to join us. If you would like more information please complete the correct parts of the form below.

I am delighted to say that I have managed to find a suitable local venue for a small series of Embellisher workshops. More details will follow soon, and the best news is that you don’t need to transport or even own your machine as I have some that you can borrow.

The even better news is that I can probably do the basics of dyeing at the same venue! That will mean that there will be even more fun and games to be had. I’m planning a series of workshops that will result in enough colours for Joseph’s amazing coat!

To Journal or Not?

Begin to Journal

What is a Journal? Is it the same as a Diary?
Spend the month of October finding out!

Activities will take part on a private blog that is easily accessed.


Special price of £15.00 if enrolled before 30th September.

Initial enquiry form is below. Payment via PayPal Invoice to be sent soon.

Hand dyed fabric pack 1

Today is not the day I want my camera to play up! However, it is…… Consequently the colour is ‘off’, and it will be for the rest of the entries today too…..

Today and today only I’m offering some hand dyed mixed fabric packs. The size and combination of fabrics varies, but all contain cotton, silk and viscose in some shape or size. There is velvet in each pack – probably some scrim, and maybe some linen. Each pack is ideal for a small project – postcards, ATCs, Journal covers etc – or use them as additions to larger ones. Each pack is £9.75 including UK postage. There is only one of each – and any not sold within the next 24 hours will be travelling to Eastleigh to the exhibition on Friday and Saturday. (Yes, we are there on Thursday evening too). Grab them while they are here – no promises that I will have anything similar with me

This pack is green/teal. More to come shortly



Click here to buy via PayPal


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