Tired, but happy.

I’ve just returned from a lovely weekend in the country.

On Friday we travelled to the depths of the Sussex countryside to take part in the JustHandsOnTV weekend at Dunford House near Midhurst. I joined Jennie Rayment, Wendy Gardiner and Valerie Nesbitt and a number of enthusiastic students. Delicious food, beautiful scenery and lots of cheerful chatting and stitching/embellishing. Yes, you’ve guessed, I was teaching the embellisher.

We began with a sampler:

June 2013 010 a

Here you see part of a work in progress. We covered six different techniques within the sampler, some of which were taken further over the rest of the weekend. Jennie and Val both taught quilting techniques, and it’s fair to say that all students worked hard and went home with some beautiful creations. Incidently, I’ll be writing more about other aspects of the Dunford weekend here over the next few days.

My next Embellisher weekend will be held in the West Country at Mad Hatters Studio, near Plymouth.  Many of you have asked for a workshop in that area, so now is your chance to contact Sheron and book.

I’d also like to share that I’m raising money for the Alzheimers Society during the month of June. It’s a ‘no lose’ situation! I’m making a card a day using some of my special hand dyed paper and you can have one for a donation of £5.00. The link will take you through to the donation page – and all proceeds go to the charity, I’m not even charging postage to send you your card. You can see all the ones made so far linked from here, although I have actually made more than you can see, so you can make a ‘pot luck’ choice too if you wish. Just make sure that I have some contact details so that I can obtain your address. There is a box to tick to allow JustGiving to send me your email address. Thanks so much to those that have already donated, I have reached my initial target, but am continuing to fund raise as it is such a worthwhile cause.

Now I have to begin preparation for the dyeing workshop next Saturday. This will be at Busy Bees in Newport. We always have a good time there, and I’m really looking forward to it. Are you coming? Make sure you bring plenty of gripseal bags – you might get carried away!

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