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Creativity can take many forms and sometimes it’s good to indulge. Over the years I’ve found that doing something regularly is the best way to warm up the creative juices and find something we really enjoy. I’ve blogged about this before when I first joined postaday a few years ago and now I still post every day – but in a variety of places according to topic. It isn’t the blogging every day that has been important but the doing something that has enabled me to go on and do more. Every day I squeeze in just 15 minutes (obviously more if I can) and do something creative. I keep misquoting Picasso – but as he said ‘Inspiration comes, but it has to find you working’. My circumstances don’t always allow me to indulge as much as I would like – so those 15 minutes are precious.

This coming weekend is destined to be a CREATIVE WEEKEND why not join us? Find 15 minutes – more if the fancy takes you – and do SOMETHING! Maybe try something new – or indulge yourself in something you LOVE! Take a look here on Facebook This is the Friday page – but if Saturday or Sunday suit you better then there are events scheduled for then too. Then join us in the group It’s a closed group – that just means that you have to be approved. As it’s me doing the approving you can always let me know who you are blogwise if you wish. So far there are people from the UK, USA, SA,  Aus and NZ. Several from Europe too. After last year’s illness I’m still finding it difficult to do the things I really love – but I’m determined to get back into full flow this year and finish all my outstanding commitments and work on some new ideas.

I hope you will join us, but even if you can’t maybe you will spread the word. It could be a GREAT BUMPER WEEKEND. What qualifies? Almost anything – photography, writing, poetry, carving, collage, blogging, art, textiles, stitching, embroidery, journaling, quilting ….. even numbers are creative – so…… what’s your excuse? 😉

See you there…..

Japanese Beads

I know that some of you are waiting for these. I just didn’t have time to list them yesterday. These are all good quality Japanese beads, mostly Toho or Miyuki with possibly a few Matsuno thrown in for good measure. This offer is very good value (offered at under half price). If you subscribe to my creative diary at the same time you will pay no postage – but be warned – the introductory price of £10 subscription to the diary is only valid until the end of January, after that time it will increase by a small amount to £12.50


The beads are similar to the ones in the photograph, 8 small tubes including different shapes and colours, some mixed, mostly sizes 8 and 11. Click on the picture to find the offers – and if you want to add chiffon scarves to the mix you will find them here. You can add them without including postage – but only if you include one of the above offers. Please add postage to all other orders for chiffon scarves or this will delay your order.

More offers to come on another day. If you are returned to the main blog page you know that the offer is sold out. If you are already subscribed to the diary I’ll give you a hint that there is a tutorial coming later – by popular request 🙂

Quickly dashing through…..

This year has started with a bang, and I’m already struggling to keep up. It wasn’t meant to be like that – but sometimes life is unpredictable. No complaints, but I have to go out in a very short while. As I mentioned in the last post I am sorting through and passing on some bargains. The vegetarian silk has now gone, and as this is such a specialised product you may wonder why I’ve offered it. Well, today I’m offering some felt – and it’s for the same reason. Both these products are specially made for me. As a result I have to order them in HUGE quantities. Think of the largest number you can accommodate – and then double it. Yes, I really do have to order that much. So, in order to safely and easily store it all I have to make roon. Delivery is soon – so today there are some special felt offers, and others too.


The felt is viscose. No, it doesn’t burn. Yes, it is soft. Yes, it is easy to stitch into. Yes, you can use it with great success on the embellisher. I’ve used it for many purposes and so have those of you that know and love it. It normally retails at £3.50 a piece. The next order is more expensive so there is a possibility of a price increase, but I’ll let you know about that if it happens. In the meantime I’m offering 5 at half price – that’s £8.75 plus postage. Clicking any of the live links on this page, or the photographs, will take you through to the offers. If you subscribe to the Creative Diary too you will save on postage.

I also have a few packs of lovely ceramic beads. These have many uses and I’ve taught workshops that included them in tassels, fringes, ‘jewellery’ of course, and also just as additions to stitching. The packs are £6.00 plus postage – you will see that you can also buy a mix of everything here.


Stocks of these are very limited, so it’s first come, first served. There are approx 100 beads in a pack and the selection is varied.

All offers are our choice of colour and the felt will be a selection of colours. They will be posted at the end of the week, but don’t leave it until the last minute as they will run out! Oh, yes, and I’ll include a thread/yarn of some sort or another with the felt – it might be a mix like the one in the picture above. Incidently, the ‘arty’ pictures I’ve used here are of a couple of the quick warm up exercises I’m doing each day. I’ve talked more about them in the Creative Diary. If you haven’t found them yet there are occasional pictures here, but with no information.

Now I have to dash off, all the previous orders are already on their way – we battled through wind and rain to get them to you. Hope you are all managing to stay dry, thankfully we are.


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