Mixed Media


The background of the above was created with hand dyed tissue and further embellished with foil and gel pens.

The technique is simple


Requirements are few too. You need a background* (fabric or paper) the tissue and a matte medium (the one illustrated works particularly well).


Matte Medium is needed directly on the background


Apply it over the tissue too.


Cover the surface and leave to dry.


Once dry the beauty of the paper is visible. Interesting things can happen with the background too

The above shows the front and back of a paper background

The above shows a background of cotton fibres. A piece of this paper is included in our packs so that you can experiment. This surface too is perfect for stitching – and I often use it for book covers.

Sometimes there is a double use as a quick ‘print’ will result in a watercolour-like finish – and you can still use the paper as above. The video below shows the imprint left – remember to lift the tissue immediately while still wet – it can be transferred to another area for use or left on polythene to dry before peeling off for use.

Begin to Journal

Still time to enrol on the following course. Small group guaranteed. A safe and encouraging environment. Ask questions – develop your own  style – take it stage by stage. Complete the form below to enrol or ask for more details.

Begin to Journal

What is a Journal? Is it the same as a Diary?
Spend the month of October finding out!

Activities will take part on a private blog that is easily accessed.


Just two more sleeps…..

As someone pointed out, there are only a couple of sleeps before the journaling prompts begin. Still time to join in. Just complete the contact form below.

It’s free! You can write/draw in your journal or use your blog as the writing place. Your choice.

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