Today’s special offer – Gone

This Rowan Yarn has been discontinued. It knits up beautifully, but because it is a hollow tube can also be used for other techniques. I have seen it stitched (using zigzag or a decorative stitch) into grids and alongside to make amazing scarves and even a throw. Can also be ‘stuffed’ for amazing effects. This is a special offer for the whole bundle of 9 balls and includes postage to the UK

Specifications: 50g per ball

Colour 343 Sandy

needles 8mm/11 US/ 0 UK

70% Viscose 30% Linen

Bundle including postage to the UK – please contact for address overseas – only one available   £33.00     SOLD





What’s different?

Rinsing takes an age. Hot, cold, hot, cold. In truth more cold than hot. Icy fingers, even in summer, but it’s worth it to remove all the dye from the threads. I had a break from threads this week, though, by dyeing a few select knitting yarns and some fabrics.

This one is now sold

The picture above shows one of the knitting yarns. Delicious shades of dark blues and purples amongst others. (Purple skein now sold)


Autumn colours for another skein of the same yarn. It’s a lovely soft chenille with an attractive sheen – and a good drape once knitted. If you are interested in buying either of these let me know and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice – or give me a ring if you have bought from us before and pay with your credit or debit card.g

The price? £14.50 each for 100g plus p+p.

So, what’s different? Well, if you visited to read my last post you will know. What do you think? Do you like the new arrangement? You can let me know in the main comments at the end – or as before, if you are shy, you can send me a private note here. All comments get a reply, spam excepted.

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