It’s good to look back.

Sometimes we get so involved in current day to day activities that we forget about the things we did or learnt a long time ago.  For instance, a recent bereavement reminded me of a place where we used to walk when I was a child.  I had never taken my husband there, so we went for a visit.  It was so good to be back, and it evoked all sorts of memories that I have since shared with my family.  This all started me thinking about the techniques that I’ve learnt over the years.  In a similar vein, it’s easy to lose sight of the early ones, moving on to those that are apparently ‘new’ and more exciting.  However, some of those techniques are as relelvant today as they were then.

It is about 30 years since I first started ‘creative’ stitching.  I was very blessed to have some of the foremost teachers of the time including Constance Howard, Val Campbell-Harding, Jan Beaney, Jean Littlejohn, Vicky Lugg, and Pam Watts.  There were others too, but these are still ‘big’ names, even though some are sadly no longer with us.  Each had a different way of working, and this was an added blessing.  I have decided that, over the next few months I will revisit some of the techniques that I learnt, especially the design ideas, and hopefully move them on towards finished pieces.  This may not be as quick or as easy as it sounds as I have a very busy schedule, but I have actually started!!

Tomorrow I will show you the start of my latest project.  It may not seem earth-shattering, but I have so enjoyed doing it.  Pop back tomorrow, and hopefully you will be inspsired to ‘have a go’ too.

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Colour has been business for a number of years. Crochet is one of my current means of expression and I enjoy enabling other creatives. Some of my blogs are kept as daily records. Take a look and you will see.

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  1. Remembering people who have influenced our work is good. One of the big influences in my life was Julia Caprara, sadly no longer with us. I only did a one hour class with her in 2000 but I was always remember her methods and her style of teaching. looking forward to seeing what you do next.

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