Time to be bold!


Some of you know that I have a blog where I post a photograph each day. It is a picture from our garden – and it is always (almost) topical and from ‘today’. Above is the one posted today, and if you want to take a closer look at it you can do so here. Don’t go there, though, if you like perfection. Don’t go there if you only want to see perfect plants and perfect planting schemes. None of these are featured.

The above post shows the imperfections in the plants featured. It also, however, shows the importance of dark and light interspersed with medium tones. Take a walk in your garden today and study the tones – do you use all three in your work? The more work I see the more examples I notice that are simply ‘safe’ by being created solely in the middle range. Be bold! Don’t fall into that trap! Contrast in tone is probably more important than contrast in colour…………

Keeping my mind off things!

Don’t forget to join me today if you can.  I’ll be adding a page to my journal while I’m away.  I don’t share all of them by any means, but you can see a few current ideas for various aspects of journals over here.

Not much colour on this image, but there is more on the actual page.

Over the last few months I have found journalling a good way of keeping my mind off the negatives.  Thankfully all should be sorted soon, but I’ll still keep on with the journal.

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