A bit of this…. a little of that….. and..

I’m sure you know the sort of thing I mean. Our workrooms are full of all sorts of fibres, materials, threads, etc. Mine definitely qualifies to be the MOST full, however,  and of that my DH is absolutely convinced! Whether or not it is true is beside the point, however, and I’m pleased to say that all requirements are on hand for my next little project.


You’ll have to wait a few days to see the results, but above are some silk fibres, a couple of chiffon scarves and, currently one of my favourite ‘ingredients’, Vegetarian Silk. I often use the latter with my embellisher machine, but this time I’m using it for something different.

What’s your current favourite ingredient? Is it something you return to time and time again? Is it the new ‘flavour of the month? I’m interested to know – so please either leave a comment, or if you are shy, you can always complete the comment form. No details are revealed to anyone except me!


Be Creative – The Results!

Last weekend was the third Be Creative weekend. The number of participants is growing, and the results of the prompts continued to amaze and delight me. You can see the first few results of one of the prompts here. Worth taking a look – and make sure you keep returning to the page because there is more to come.

You are welcome to join us for future events. There is more in store than even the group know 😉

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