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Offer valid until midnight on Sunday 16th March

2 packs of our delicious fine scrim for £6.00 including UK postage. You can have as many multiples as you like. Give me an idea of the types of colour you would like – no guarantees that they are still available when you order, but at the moment I have many combinations available. Below are some pictures of both packaged and unpackaged to give you an idea. Packs contain the same overall quantity but are either in one piece or 5 smaller.

The packets show some reflection, sorry, it’s the best I can do.

Still time to sign up for the Paper Fun online Workshop. Amongst other things I will be sharing my ‘Non-Gelli’ Printing technique – no gelli plate needed and effects that you just can’t get with one of those. I know – I’ve tried! Ridiculously simple, and you’ve probably already got most of what you need……… The workshops start on 1st April.

What I was doing on Tuesday

Last Tuesday saw us travelling down to the south coast to the Worthing branch of the Embroiderers Guild.  It was their Members Day, and what a lovely day it was!  I forgot to take my camera, of course, so no pictures of what everyone was doing, but I can show you what I was demonstrating.

Apologies for the shadow, but you can at least get a flavour of what we were doing.  Everyone who wanted to had a go at paper casting.  There was only time for a very basic demonstration of the technique.  The one I use does not need glue of any description to hold it all together, and I have a sneaky way of adding colour during the process, which is covered in a course rather than a demonstration.

No paintbrushes were used during this exercise!  Colour always becomes lighter as it dries, but starting with colour of any sort it sometimes better than white.

You may well recognise the patterns, which are from embossing folders, but these are not needed as I also teach the method using found  objects etc.

Colour can be added in a variety of ways, and once you start it can become quite addictive.  I use it for making tiles or beads which can be attached in a number of ways.  In fact, there are lots of uses, so if you are interested in a course or workshop for your guild or group, just get in touch.

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