A Quick Trip Down the Motorway

I’ve been out today.  The picture is a clue

I’ve been filming a small series of mini workshops for JustHands-On tv.  The session was hosted at Jennie Rayment‘s studio and I met up with Val Toombes of Silk Sacks who also filmed a couple of workshops.  (Val also has a new shop on Etsy)  I’ll let you know when they are online, I don’t think it will be for a while.

If you can’t wait that long, however, you can catch me again on Create and Craft the day after tomorrow.  The times for the next programme are confirmed as:

Wednesday 4th April 2012 at 10am and 4pm

I hope you will join me, but don’t forget that all programmes are transmitted LIVE, and will change to another if all stock is sold.

Find it on the internet here, where you can also watch it live.

To watch on TV tune into one of the following channels.

Sky 671 | Freeview 36 | Freesat 813

As before it’s all presenter led – so who knows what we will get up to!

A bit of This and That, but mostly That!

Let’s get the ‘this’ out of the way as quickly as possible, then we can concentrate on the ‘that’!

On 11th of April I’ll be going into hospital for a short stay.  It’s been confirmed, although I think I hinted at it somewhere.  After that I’ll have to take it easy for a while, but you will still see me around, often in a supporting role as Jock takes the reins and ploughs on regardless.  No need for sympathy, I’m just telling you so that you don’t get too confused by anything that you might see.  That’s all about ‘this’ now we’ll move on to ‘that’.

On 24th March we will be driving west.  Travelling, early, along the M4 to Tredegar House.  It’s a beautiful spot, just on the outskirts of Newport in South Wales.  One of us will be experiencing the delights of the grounds etc, while I’ll be having lots of fun with a group of ladies.  We’ll be making cushions.  The class is all but full, only two spaces remain, so if you would like to join us make sure you get in touch with Busy Bees as soon as possible.  We will be working in a lovely airy room, with lots of space (you can see some of the ladies at work on the last workshop here).  I’d love to see you there too.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve done a workshop at this venue, and it’s always fun.  This picture is a clue, but we won’t be making flowers!   (Or will we?)

What are you doing on 21st March?  I hope you aren’t planning on having an early night!  I’m on the night shift on TV again, this time with the embellisher.  At 10pm and midnight I’ll be supporting the team at Create and Craft/ Ideal World again.  I’m looking forward to seeing which presenter I have this time, the last late show with Howard was fun, but it’s fun with Ellis and Debbie too, so I’ll wait until I get there to find out.  Details of how to find the programme on your TV are here, where you can also watch online, wherever you are.  I’ll post a remind a couple of days before too.  Don’t forget that you can email in with questions and comments, but please don’t make them hard.  The programmes are LIVE and I’ll have to think on my feet, possibly without the materials to demonstrate.  If you have a difficult question you can always ask it here and I’ll do my best to answer.  By the way, if you are looking for a cheaper supply of embellisher needles, for any machine, don’t forget that we can supply them.

Are you at Missenden Abbey this weekend?  We’ll be in the foyer on Saturday, and on Sunday we’ll be in the sitting room at Urchfont Manor.  Come and say ‘hello’ if you are at either of these places, it will be good to see you, and don’t forget to book quickly if you want to come to Busy Bees.


Thank you

Yesterday was such fun.  Thanks so much for all your emails and messages.  The first two shows went so well I was asked to do a third at 6pm.  Unfortunately this was too late for those watching on Freeview.   If you want to view a little part of one of the shows again there is a small clip here, but I don’t think it will be there for long.   There will be more in the future, so keep your eyes peeled.  I’ll let you know when it’s happening.

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