How about joining us?

Well, if you are at a loose end this weekend, why not join us by being creative? It doesn’t matter how you are creative – what does matter is that you indulge at least once – for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Activities will take place from 2nd – 4th May and as in previous events prompts will be posted here at regular intervals. You can join in with any – or all of them – or just qualify by doing SOMETHING CREATIVE for a minimum of 15 minutes. The prompts are exactly that – PROMPTS! How you interpret them is up to you. If you haven’t already done so I recommend that you follow the blog (email link in the sidebar) so that you don’t miss anything. Come and join us on Facebook too. More details and the link here.

Looking forward to seeing you.

A New Year

It’s safe to say that 2013 has had its ups and downs. In truth tomorrow follows today, so New Year has no great significance. However, tonight we will celebrate with friends and look forward to health and happiness in 2014. My biggest problem will be to change that 3 at the end of a date to 4! I probably won’t be alone there.

I’m looking forward with positivity. I have a number of projects to see through, including a couple of commissions. To this end I am promising myself that I will be creative, in some form or another, every day. Will you join me? Yes, I know that LIFE sometimes gets in the way – but creativity can reveal itself in many forms. I restarted my regular creativity just a few short days ago. I’m documenting it here and you can follow along via email if you click the button. Not much to see yet, but more pictures will come.

However, I’m going to make more information available to anyone that wants to join me on another private blog. The same photograph will be included, but there will also be written details – sometimes a lot, and sometimes just a little and probably more pictures too, either of the process or of other parts of the project. There will be a small charge for this. £10.00 for the whole year. This charge is only to cover the costs of providing a private place. If you would like to join me you can do so via this link direct to paypal.

Here’s to a great creative year. Join at any time – the blog will be available to you for the whole year. If you have any questions you can contact me via the form below.

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