Just a reminder

September begins tomorrow – and with it the start of a month of Be Creative prompts. Now you can join in even if you aren’t on Facebook. Take a look here for the initial details and follow the links.

Feel free to pass this information on to anyone that you know might be interested. There will be one prompt a day, some of which will be part of a series spread over several days. I hope you will join in too.

Gosh, that was quick!

Well, I began the day by listing a few thread collections on Etsy with the intention of making a collage for you here later in the day. As it happens, several of them have already sold – so if you would like to take a look I suggest you do it quickly. This link will take you to the shop and so too will the picture below which is just one of those still available. If I have time I will be listing more later or over the next few days. All of these collections are unique – there won’t be another one listed on the internet.


Today’s special offer – Gone

This Rowan Yarn has been discontinued. It knits up beautifully, but because it is a hollow tube can also be used for other techniques. I have seen it stitched (using zigzag or a decorative stitch) into grids and alongside to make amazing scarves and even a throw. Can also be ‘stuffed’ for amazing effects. This is a special offer for the whole bundle of 9 balls and includes postage to the UK

Specifications: 50g per ball

Colour 343 Sandy

needles 8mm/11 US/ 0 UK

70% Viscose 30% Linen

Bundle including postage to the UK – please contact for address overseas – only one available   £33.00     SOLD





What are you doing on Saturday?

Due to pressure of work and family committments there will be no Be Creative in July. However, here is a chance to be as creative as you like and be rewarded for your efforts with an exchange!

Saturday August 2nd has been designated the National Celebration of Stitch. Various UK branches of the Embroiderers’Guild have organised venues for stitching, but what about those who are not members of a branch – or who can’t get to a venue – or just want to stitch where they are ……. Well, here is an event for you!

Artist Trading Cards are small works of art that can be made using any technique, but in celebration of Stitch this post is to announce an exchange of the little stitched cards. There is no specific theme, the only criteria is that some stitch must be included somewhere – hand stitching, machine stitching – your choice. ALL STANDARDS ARE WELCOME – YOU ONLY NEED AN INTEREST IN STITCHING TO TAKE PART.

If you would like to take part please complete the form below with your name and address. By completing the form you are committing to making an ATC and sending it to the participant whose name you will be given. This form goes directly to me – you will receive details from ATCexchange (at) gmail.com – you can also email directly if you prefer. Please pass the word too.

Where will you be tomorrow?

Anyone attending the Embroiderers’ Guild Regional Day in Chichester? I’ve already hidden a little ATC – there to be found and kept. It’s one of my raspberry prints.


If this one is found quickly there will be another – a different design. See you there.

We will also have some new collections of Quintettes. These are in very short supply – and once they are gone there is no repeating.

…… and if you ARE near Eastleigh…..

…… and buying from us…… this little ATC will be hidden somewhere. It’s ‘finders – keepers’, but only if you agree to have your photograph taken.


The  wrinkled edge is a reflection. There will be more from time to time, but probably not stitched.

I wonder who will find it?