Chiffon Scarves

For those of you that didn’t see on Facebook – chiffon scarves are not easier to locate! This link will take you to a page with all the colours. You will see that a couple of colours are currently out of stock, but at the moment we have plenty of the others. They will be with us at Brockenhurst – and you can buy them online by clicking the picture of the colour you would like.

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Playing with dyes

Dyeing is a serious business. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Observations of health and safety can easily be incorporated into most techniques, and of those (techniques) there are many. I love teaching people to dye. The exciting thing is that given the same dyes and the same instructions each person will produce their own individual results. I have taught it for many years, but this year I am only teaching it once – at Missenden Abbey over the second weekend of May.

What will we be doing? Well I have plans to cover several techniques, and we will be using a variety of different types of dye. I know it will be a fun session, though. Want to join us? The information is here. The class is very nearly full, so you had better be quick! Last time I taught a similar class we ran out of drying space and had to use what we could find

Will you be joining us?

Next weekend is the first big test! Will I have the stamina?


The above photograph was taken as we were setting up at last year’s Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta. It is our first two day show this season and is always a good show. I’m sure that this year will be no exception. Why not come and join in the fun this next weekend? Saturday and Sunday, 26th/27th April at Brockenhurst Village Hall. You can read just a little more about it here. .

We won’t have room for all our stock, so if you are coming and want us to bring something specific you can let us know below. I’ll also be doing a demo of some sort, not completely finalised yet, but if there is something you want to suggest you can use the form for that too. No promises, but if it fits in with the ideas I already have I’ll incorporate your suggestion too.



What’s different?

Rinsing takes an age. Hot, cold, hot, cold. In truth more cold than hot. Icy fingers, even in summer, but it’s worth it to remove all the dye from the threads. I had a break from threads this week, though, by dyeing a few select knitting yarns and some fabrics.


This one is now sold

The picture above shows one of the knitting yarns. Delicious shades of dark blues and purples amongst others. (Purple skein now sold)


Autumn colours for another skein of the same yarn. It’s a lovely soft chenille with an attractive sheen – and a good drape once knitted. If you are interested in buying either of these let me know and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice – or give me a ring if you have bought from us before and pay with your credit or debit card.g

The price? £14.50 each for 100g plus p+p.

So, what’s different? Well, if you visited to read my last post you will know. What do you think? Do you like the new arrangement? You can let me know in the main comments at the end – or as before, if you are shy, you can send me a private note here. All comments get a reply, spam excepted.

I know that you are out there…….

Yes, it’s true. I know that you are there, because when I write a post there is activity on the blog – and my statistics jump up high.

But you are all so quiet! Hardly any comments or interaction!

Now why is that?

I have plans for this blog – and you will notice a difference, but in the meantime – talk to me. Tell me what you would like to see here. I’d really like to know – I’m sure it will fit in with my plans because I know that we are interested in similar things.

You can leave a comment below – or if you are too shy to say anything in public you can complete the comment form. I don’t bite, in fact, I’m very user friendly – ask anyone who has been on a course or met me at a show. I’ll respond to every comment – unless it’s just spam.


Are you near Devizes, Wiltshire?

This Saturday we will be in Devizes with our mobile shop. If you would like to drop in and see us you are welcome to do so. We are only there for about an hour or so between 11.00 and 12.00. We will have most of our mobile stock with us – but if you are coming for something specific let us know so that we can ensure we have it to hand.

We will have the latest colours of hand-dyed felt with us, and also the Jumbo Perle in various colours with other hand-dyed items too. The new Polyneon colours are back in stock, and destined to sell out as quickly this time as before. We will be re-ordering before Brockenhurst Needlework Fiesta. More about that another day.


Heather Quilters Part 2

A slideshow of just some of the lovely quilts that were on display. No time to photograph them all – and many of the pictures don’t do them justice. It was a lovely day – and there was even a visit from the Mayor who arrived in a state vehicle……

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There might be more in another post at a later date.

Be Creative – The Results!

Last weekend was the third Be Creative weekend. The number of participants is growing, and the results of the prompts continued to amaze and delight me. You can see the first few results of one of the prompts here. Worth taking a look – and make sure you keep returning to the page because there is more to come.

You are welcome to join us for future events. There is more in store than even the group know ;)