Where will you be tomorrow?

Anyone attending the Embroiderers’ Guild Regional Day in Chichester? I’ve already hidden a little ATC – there to be found and kept. It’s one of my raspberry prints.


If this one is found quickly there will be another – a different design. See you there.

We will also have some new collections of Quintettes. These are in very short supply – and once they are gone there is no repeating.

…… and if you ARE near Eastleigh…..

…… and buying from us…… this little ATC will be hidden somewhere. It’s ‘finders – keepers’, but only if you agree to have your photograph taken.


The  wrinkled edge is a reflection. There will be more from time to time, but probably not stitched.

I wonder who will find it?

Hand dyed fabric pack 1

Today is not the day I want my camera to play up! However, it is…… Consequently the colour is ‘off’, and it will be for the rest of the entries today too…..

Today and today only I’m offering some hand dyed mixed fabric packs. The size and combination of fabrics varies, but all contain cotton, silk and viscose in some shape or size. There is velvet in each pack – probably some scrim, and maybe some linen. Each pack is ideal for a small project – postcards, ATCs, Journal covers etc – or use them as additions to larger ones. Each pack is £9.75 including UK postage. There is only one of each – and any not sold within the next 24 hours will be travelling to Eastleigh to the exhibition on Friday and Saturday. (Yes, we are there on Thursday evening too). Grab them while they are here – no promises that I will have anything similar with me

This pack is green/teal. More to come shortly



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