Knit one, Stitch one, or Dye one

An unusual offer today!

This Rowan yarn is now discontinued. It’s a shame because it means the end of a range of beautiful dyed tubular yarn as far as I’m concerned. It was intended for knitting (and they create a beautiful fabric) – but the yarn is also ideal for textile mixed media – and also for stuffing to transform into ‘jewellery’, cords, etc. I have 5 skeins of silver left. Once they are gone – that’s it!

Each skein 25g - 57m

Each skein 25g – 57m

It dyes beautifully using Procion dyes – giving you the colour of your dye with flashes of silver. The only reason I am offering these is that I can no longer count it as a repeatable line.

Each skein is £7.50 including post and packing to the UK. If you buy more than one I will refund the extra postage to your paypal account.

This link will take you to PayPal where you can pay using a debit or credit card – even if you don’t have an account.

Ouch and carry on!

The New Year has started with a few leaps and ‘bumps’, but the main thing is to carry on regardless!

While not feeling 100% I have been able to crochet an odd line or two for a throw which was intended to be for my own use. However, a certain little grandson has fallen in love with the colours – so guess where it will be going…….?


I followed a pattern, but have had fun extending the colours and moving them around to suit my own satisfaction. The weaving in of the ends will be fun! That’s my next task – and then on to the border.

Did you know that just 15 minutes of creativity a day can do a lot to spark your enthusiasm and inspiration. The important thing is to DO something. It doesn’t have to be part of your intended life’s work – just something that stimulates those creative juices in some way. Several of us have committed to this in 2015 and it isn’t too late to join us. If you would like more information please complete the correct parts of the form below.

I am delighted to say that I have managed to find a suitable local venue for a small series of Embellisher workshops. More details will follow soon, and the best news is that you don’t need to transport or even own your machine as I have some that you can borrow.

The even better news is that I can probably do the basics of dyeing at the same venue! That will mean that there will be even more fun and games to be had. I’m planning a series of workshops that will result in enough colours for Joseph’s amazing coat!

Watch this space if you are interested in either or both of the above – or if you are interested in joining in dyeing via an online session please complete the correct part of form below..

15 minutes?

How are you getting on with your 15 minutes? A success? Have you managed the first week? Well, life does get in the way – we have to make it a habit.

Today I’ve posted about a recent book purchase. I thought you might like the link. It’s a silly book – but it might help to boost your creativity. Follow this link to read more.

Are you joining in?

A number of us are taking part in a challenge – 365 days of a minimum of 15 minutes creativity each day. Why not join us? Nothing formal – just do SOMETHING creative – and yes, that cake that you thought about making will count as well….. if you make it.

As an encouragement there are a few daily photo prompts being published here, interspersed with some colour prompts too. They won’t come every day of the year – but already I’ve seen the results of some lovely work.

If you decide to take part and blog about your results – don’t forget leave a comment at the bottom of the appropriate post. In the meantime – here’s a little stitching based on the last colour challenge.  The picture will take you there.


Looking back – and onwards!


Christmas is more or less over, and the new year almost here. Best wishes to you all and here’s to a very creative 2015.

We’ve had an odd year, with health issues taking priority at times. As a result we haven’t been able to be as visible as usual, and that may continue for at least the beginning of the year. 2014 was also odd because we saw far more incidents of shop-lifting than previously. Although samples have been taken in the past – this year saw the disappearance of even more. Threads and knitting yarn also ‘disappeared’, and so too did a number of ‘arty’ materials. Sadly these were taken at venues which we love attending. The irony is that we have maintained our prices for several years – if you see increases in the near future you will understand why – we have to pay the bills.

This year really will see the amalgamation of all the websites! I think there is just one more technical difficulty to overcome before we can finalise everything, and you will be the first to know when it is done. I’ve also been more creative again! I’ve maintained my 15 minutes a day – and more – and I’ve been writing about it in a private diary. This will continue during 2015, and you can join me over there if you wish. There is currently a small charge of £10.00. That works out at less than 28p a day – and if you subscribe before the end of January 1st you will also have access to all the posts of 2014. Subscriptions after that date will increase. There is a little more information here where you can also subscribe via PayPal. Hopefully it will help to kickstart your creativity – I’ve found a committment to 15 minutes a day over the last few years to be an enormous help and inspiration.

So, what about you? Do you fancy committing to those 15 minutes a day? Join us in Be Creative on Facebook, or use the form or leave a comment below. 15 minutes may not seem much, but you will be amazed at how your inspiration will flourish once you just get going. Some of you already know, but I also publish regular journaling prompts – so you can join us with those too.



Something I use almost every day!

If there is one thing in my collection of art materials that I really couldn’t do without it’s my Koh-I-Noor palette of 24 beautiful INTENSE colours. That are vibrant, translucent and intermixable, so actually the range of achievable colours is enormous. Suitable for a wide variety of techniques on both fabric and paper I use them in my Journal, for design work, collage and even allow our grandchildren to use them too. The can be used on fabric for decorative pieces as well, but as with all watercolour paints I don’t suggest that you try washing the item. Applying discharge products will extend their range even further. It is difficult to differentiate between the colours in the dry palettes so scroll down for a view of the beautiful range of colours. This page will give you another view as each palette was used for a different experiment, and here they are used in a little technique that made  some quick Christmas cards a few years ago.


blog IMG_8677 palette 1

Postage is included  below, please choose the appropriate destination.

Destinations in the UK  £12.45  Buy Now

Destinations Worldwide  £15.00  Buy Now

Each palette is as below:

Gift Vouchers

Looking for the ideal gift, but not quite sure what to send? Just a reminder that we are still offering Gift Vouchers which make perfect gifts, but also ‘thank yous’ for tutors and teachers.

Available for most amounts they can be used for both Sassa Lynne and Winifred Cottage items. I’ve listed the most popular amounts below – but please contact us for other amounts which are readily available.







Coral and Rose

To find other offers currently available in this series please follow this link.


Hand dyed Sassa Lynne Perle 5, cut lengths £7.50 Buy Here to purchase via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to use this service. Only one available and remember – postage is free.

Subscription to my Creative Diary 2015 here (all posts for 2014 are also included if you purchase before the end of December). See what I’m creating in more detail with occasional tutorials etc.


The silk threads shown in this picture can be purchased via a separate listing. Click the picture to go there