The Final Countdown

Today is day 10 in the mini collage series.  You can see them all here, with links to the original post by clicking the picture.

Some of them will be on view at the Festival of Quilts.  We’ll be there on stand H22, so come along and see what we have to offer, and talk about any of the online courses or other workshops that may interest you.  Time is running out for preparation.  We leave early tomorrow.  Hope to see you there.  I’ll be demonstrating scrinchies from time to time, don’t miss it!

Fun with the embellisher

Last night we visited the Embroiderers’ Guild in Chelmsford.  I gave a talk and demonstration on the embellisher, and I had a lovely time!  Afterwards there was a chance for members to try one of the three machines we took with us, and I’m glad to say that several gave it a go!  It was a truly lovely evening and we were looked after very well.

Unfortunately we travelled home at ‘that time of night’.  Those of you that don’t know the M25 won’t realise that there is a lot of reconstruction happening at the moment.  Many of the lanes are closed at various times – and last night several stretches were down to a single carriageway.  It was tedious, and therefore nearly 1am by the time we arrived home.  We weren’t frustrated, though – what’s the point?  There was absolutely nothing we could do about it, so we just patiently joined the queue.

Today I’ve been enjoying myself on the sewing machine.  I had some work to finish, and at the same time I’ve been making some more cards.  Here’s one using my hand-dyed paper.

All cards are for sale, and would also look good in a little frame.  If you would like to buy one let me know.

Time to rest?

Well, it’s been a really busy weekend.  Four days travelling to various points south, east and west certainly are tiring.  We covered over 500 miles, and had 2 really early starts during this time.  Setting the alarm for 4.30 in the morning isn’t much fun at the best of times, but – setting it two days in a row is even worse.  The days were long, but we had so much fun, met some lovely people, and saw beautiful work.  Today is a rest day.  In effect, a ‘weekend’, but that just hasn’t worked!  We are off again tomorrow to see the students on the Distant Stitch courses, so instead of putting out feet up we are restocking boxes and trays, and soon I have more fabric to iron!  No complaints, I’ll rest up on Wednesday…… I hope.

I had imagined that I would have lots of rest time today, and that I would be able to sew this and that, read a few books that are patiently waiting, and also finger through some mixed media magazines that are sitting on my shelf!  Of course, there won’t be time for any of that, but I am hoping to put another tutorial up sometime in the next short while.  I want to show you all how I make my scrinchies.  The some of the ones I showed you earlier were made from the above stitching, including this one

The pieces are tinier than they at first appear.  I’ll be posting it here first, but no doubt it will make its way onto the blog at some point.

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