Heather Quilters Part 2

A slideshow of just some of the lovely quilts that were on display. No time to photograph them all – and many of the pictures don’t do them justice. It was a lovely day – and there was even a visit from the Mayor who arrived in a state vehicle……

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There might be more in another post at a later date.

Subtle Neutrals and more

Introducing new colours in my favourite machine thread!

If you have spoken to me about machine embroidery threads at a show, or been to one of my machine embroidery workshops, you will know that my favourite thread is Polyneon by Madeira. It has a strength and sheen that makes it perfect for all techniques, and is especially good for beginners. This week we received our first delivery of a new range of multicolours. Pictured above you will see that they are all beautiful combinations and I can already see many uses for them in my own work. One of the best things about this thread is that it is also ideal for DECORATIVE SEAMS. In other words – it is strong enough to hold a garment together AND to decorate it too, so once again it will be perfect for a project that I have in mind. They were viewed by the public this week for the first time, and the concensus of opinion was that they are BEAUTIFUL! The photographs don’t fully show the subtelties of the colourways – but if you click them you will start a slideshow that will better illustrate the variation.

I have photographed them in no particular order, but the colour numbers are underneath. They retail at £5.50 each for 1000m.

Next weekend, 28th, 29th and 30th of March, will be the third Be Creative Weekend. Initial details are here, and if you subscribe to that blog you will receive each prompt as it is published. The community on Facebook has grown and we have seen some lovely creations both as a result of the prompts (which are optional) and also of ongoing work. The emphasis is on doing SOMETHING each day. On many days I can manage no more than 15 minutes – but it is surprising what you can achieve if you just get on with it. No excuses – just DO IT!

Finally, the next online workshop is due to begin on 1st April. Details are here, but I can assure you that it will cover far more than just the basics outlined in the description. It even contains more than I have been able to share over a week’s residential course, so as you can see, £75 is actually very good value.

Catching up and updates.

A few bits of information for you. Firstly, I have started to add the new batch of hand-dyed felt to the site.

felt 001

If you can’t wait for the others to be added either send me an email or complete the contact form below. The prices include postage – if you buy more than one your excess postage will be refunded. If you subscribe to the Creative Diary at the same time you will save on postage. The link does not take you to the diary but to information.

The dates for the next Be Creative weekend have been announced. The last one was a great success and there has been much action since which is wonderful. I have to say that the felt will be perfect for one or more of the prompts that I have planned for the next  event. Keep the last weekend of February free for some creative fun. You don’t need to be around for the whole time – just commit to a minimum of 15 minutes! Yes, it IS possible to be creative in that amount of time. Some people have continued to use the prompts, others ignored them and just continued with something on which they were working. It was an inspiring advert -free event – no promoting or blatant self-promotion is allowed. If I can do it – so can everyone else…… Yes?

However, here is an advert! The next round of online workshops is coming soon and will include another dyeing workshop and one on using paper. If you are interested in having more information you can also let me know via the contact form.

I’m continuing to give a flavour of the things on which I’m working here, but it doesn’t tell the whole story by any means. I hope you will join me somewhere in making 2014 the best creative year yet!

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